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ATMvmt is an independent company specializing in sports performance, medical massage and overall health and wellness. Owned and operated by Alex Miller, a certified and licensed athletic trainer, licensed massage therapist and certified strength coach through the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association). Alex has experience with athletes of all calibers ranging from FCS and FBS collegiate athletics to the NFL. With over eight years of experience in the sports medicine field, ATMvmt hopes to bring a new twist to healthcare for all individuals. Incorporating body work with functional rehab and innovative therapies allows for faster healing times, decreased chronic pain and lower frequency of injury occurrence.



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Alex started his journey in Buffalo, NY with a four year degree in Athletic Training from Canisius College. During this time he worked with multiple sports including lacrosse, volleyball and ice hockey. During the last two years, Alex earned an opportunity to spend his clinical education with the Buffalo Bills.

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